Who You Gonna Call???

Here’s Stu fogging the auditorium between matinee and evening


The anti-viral mist treats both the air and surfaces including soft furnishings.

We have installed a new air filtration system in the auditorium which is constantly running while the theatre is occupied.

There are two filters upstairs at the back of the circle and two downstairs to the side of the stalls.

If you listen carefully during quiet moments you may be able to hear them humming….

The air filters are used to clean and sterilise the air by using UV-C germicidal technology ensuring the

air you breathe is protected from bacteria and virus risk.

We have also fitted four of the same filters to the Ocean Room as well….

After every show day, once the auditorium is clear, the filters are turned off

 and two Ozone Generators are activated.

The Ozonator is designed for commercial environments and eradicates viruses and bacteria, sterilising everything it touches.

These machines have been used for many years to sterilise hospitals,

operating theatres and surgical instruments so you can trust the auditorium

is sterilised to the highest standard!

The ozone breaks down into oxygen, but should any remain, the filters start up

again in the early hours to filter it out.  So, by the time the staff arrive in the

morning, the auditorium is clear and ready to go again.

We also have two further Ozone Generators for use in the Ocean Room which are activated each time the room is used.

The ozone process is too lengthy to be carried out between matinee and

evening shows on the same day which is why we are fogging as well….

??? Did you know???

As always, when any work is carried out

here at the Pavilion we like to

use local suppliers.

No difference here…

The air filtration system and the ozone generators are designed, built and fitted by a company based in Dorchester!!


What are we doing to help keep you safe during the Covid 19 Pandemic?

Here at Weymouth Pavilion the safety of our patrons and visitors is of paramount importance.

Please be aware that masks must be worn at all times whilst inside The Pavilion.

They may be removed when you are sat at a table, or in your theatre seat, and you are ACTIVELY eating or drinking.

Please sanitise your hands as you enter the building and on your way in AND out of the toilets.

Additional cleaning is in place for ‘touch points’ such as doors and handrails.  

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