An Evening with Geoff Hurst

Thursday 3rd February  7.30pm

Standard Tickets: £27.00    VIP Tickets £64

Geoff will talk amusingly about his illustrious WEST HAM & ENGLAND CAREER, while the second half will be a Question & Answer session with the audience.


Was Thu 19th March 2020, then Wed 17th February 2021

February 2022

An Audience with Harry Redknapp

Saturday 26th February  7.30pm

Standard Tickets £38.00, VIP Tickets £90

Harry Redknapp returns with his relaxed and funny style to regale us with stories old and new from his football and TV career.


Was Thu 16th April 2020, then Sat 20th March 2021

Milton Jones in Milton: Impossible

Wednesday 23rd February  7.30pm

All Tickets £29.50

One man. One Mission. Is it possible?

No, not really.  Him with the shirts from Mock the Week, Live at the Apollo and Radio 4.


Was Sun 15th November 2020 then Fri 21st May 2021

Ed Byrne – If I’m Honest

Friday 4th February  7.30pm

All Tickets £27

Join Ed as he takes a long hard look at himself and tries to decide if he has ANY traits that are worth passing on to his children.


Was Thursday 1st July 2021

Back to the Sixties - Brothers in Song

Wednesday 2nd February  7.30pm

All Tickets £25.50

This wonderful show takes us back to the 1960’s and 70’s when songs from various Brothers captured our hearts.


Was Sunday 21st February 2021

Jersey Beats - Oh What a Nite!

Friday 11th February 7.30pm

Adults £25   Seniors and Children £23

Stunning costumes, choreography, production and more – all to take you back to the era when hit song, after hit song had ‘The Four Seasons’ famous around the World.


Was Thursday 11th February 2021

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GO NOW! The Music of the Moody Blues

Thursday 10th February  7.30pm

All Tickets: £25.00

Gordy Marshall (the Moody Blues) and Mick Wilson (10cc) present a super-group of world class musicians and singers that meticulously recreate the elegance of a Moody Blues Concert.


Was Thu 12th June 2020

AND Friday 12th March 2021

Details January March

Friends! The Musical Parody

Thursday 17th February  7.30pm

All Tickets £32

Celebrating and poking fun at the wacky misadventures of the group of 20-something pals we love from the hit TV show as they navigate the pitfalls of work, life, and love.


Was Fri 17th April,  Sat 3rd October 2020

AND Tue 27th April 2021


Nick Knowles & Neil Oliver - Does History Repeat Itself?

Friday 18th February  7.30pm

Adults £32, Seniors and Students £25

This is a fanfare for the common man and woman – because the shoulders we stand upon today, are theirs.  The nameless, unheralded, and un-mourned.

Ignored until now.  


The Sound of Springsteen

Friday 25th February  7.30pm

Adults £24.50 Seniors and Children £22.50

Each member of this 8-piece band have their own unique abilities as performers and an undeniable love and passion for the work of ‘THE BOSS’.


Was Thursday 10th September 2020 AND Thursday 10th June 2021


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