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The Esplanade, Weymouth, Dorset, DT4 8ED

Box Office 01305 783225


Technical Information

Weymouth Pavilion is run by ex-touring professionals who have experienced hundreds of venues.

Our aim is to make The Pavilion a friendly, welcoming venue, one that you will look forward to visiting.

You will not find any hidden contras here!  We do not charge for load out crew or follow spot operators!

The Theatre

The auditorium seats 985 plus wheelchair spaces and is arranged as two raked tiers.  The Stalls hold 520, the Circle 465.  The in house and guest control positions are located in the centre block at the rear of the stalls.

The multicore run is just less than 50m and runs in a conduit around the outside wall of the auditorium on house right.

Load In

Load in is easy.  Vehicles needing to unload park on a private road at the side of the Theatre.

There are two options for unloading:

1. via a hinged ramp (more suited for trucks and vans).

2. Via a fixed two part ramp down to ground level (more suited to cars and small vans).


The Theatre Stage is of wooden construction and is not raked.  The opening is 10.7m (35ft) wide and the maximum depth is 11.5m (37.5 ft) including the covered Orchestra Pit.

Dressing Room access is only available DSR so a crossover can be created which reduces the depth by up to 1m (3ft) in places.

Space off stage left is plentiful but off stage right is limited.

Steps from the stage to the auditorium are available if required.


Grid Height - 14.5m (47.5 ft)

Pros Height- 5.3m (17.5 ft)

Pros Width - 10.7m (35 ft)

Full Stage Depth - 11.5m (37.5 ft)

US Crossover Depth - 1m (3 ft) reducing to 0.8m (2 ft) in places

US Crossover to Pros - 8m (26 ft)

Pros to DS Edge - 2.5m (8 ft)

Total Usable Depth 10.5m (34.5 ft)

Forestage Maximum Width - 13.1m (43 ft).

This reduces to 10.3m (33.5 ft) if the auditorium treads are in place.


There is a counterweight flying system comprising of 30 bars with a SWL of 350kg UDL.

Please note: Bars 1 to 5 are Double Purchase and therefore only approximately 200kg is achievable on these.

Bars are 14m ladder beam.

Soft Goods

House Tabs (Red) - Also on Tab Track

1 x Black Pelmet

1 x Half Tabs (Red)

1 x Half Tabs (Black) - Also on Tab Track

1 x Half Tabs (Blue)

4 x Black Borders

4 x Pairs Black Legs

1 x Fibre Optic Star Cloth

Black Masking on Tab Tracks

1 x White Cyc

1 x White Sharks Tooth Gauze

1 x Black Sharks Tooth Gauze


3 x 8’ x 4’ Lite Deck

4 x 4’ x 4’ Lite Deck

6 x 2m x 1m Steel Deck

Various height legs available - maximum height 0.6m (2ft)

Orchestra Pit

The Orchestra Pit extends the whole width of down stage and can hold approximately 16 musicians. Further musicians can be accommodated in the understage area adjacent to the orchestra pit.  The area is coverable to extend the usable depth of the stage if the pit is not required.

Dressing Rooms

Weymouth Pavilion has 13 dressing rooms of varying sizes.  One on stage level, two underneath the stage and ten distributed over 3 floors.  The stage level room can also be utilised as a quick change area.

Mains - Lighting USR

3 x 16A (1ph)

1 x 32A (1ph)

2 x 63A (1ph)

1 x 32A (3ph)

1 x 63A (3ph)

1 x 125A (3ph)

Mains - Sound - DSL

4 x 16A (1ph)

2 x 32A (1ph)

1 x 63A (1ph)

The Ocean Room

The Ocean Room is a flat floor Ballroom complete with a sprung maple dance floor the capacity of which varies according to layout up to a maximum of 800.

The stage is split into two tiers - a fixed raised section at the back measuring 32ft x 8ft (9.8m x 2.4m) The front section is staging sections so can be arranged as required - it is usually 24ft x 10ft (7.3m x 3m).

The best point of access to this room to load equipment is via the rear doors.  Vehicles can be parked on the pavement for unloading and although there are steps up to the room we have a ramp which can be used to span the gap.

The Ocean Room has it’s own stock of lighting which can be supplemented if necessary.  It also has a large selection of sound equipment (please see the theatre details above) but if you want to bring in your own you can!  

There is various single phase mains (16A, 32A & 63A) and a 3 phase 63A available off stage right.




Weymouth Pavilion has a fairly substantial stock of lighting and sound equipment.


ETC Ion 1024 (2 universes) c/w 40 handle fader wing and two touch screens.

All in-house lighting is patched on to one universe.  There are two additional DMX tie-lines available from the control position to the stage.  They are also patchable to all four corners of the stage and the fly floor.

We only have one DMX Splitter so are currently unable to boost these optional tie lines.


6 x ETC Unison DR12’s comprising:

126 ways of dimming

18 ways of hot power

Lantern Stock

58 x Par 64 Long Nose

20 x 1k Fresnels

20 x ETC S4 Profiles

15 x 1k Iris Cyc Floods

The above stock is generally rigged to provide a 5 or 6 colour wash overhead, 3 saturated colour washes and 2 tints from FOH still allowing for approximately 6 specials.

Follow Spots

2 x Robert Juliat Korrigan (1200W HMI) c/w 6 frame colour mag, built in frost, iris and electronic dimming.

Each unit is also fitted with a Telrad spot sight.


Unique 2 Hazer

Jem Techno Fog

HP Line Fazer

Mirror Ball

Limited Gobo and Iris Stock



FOH and Monitors - Yamaha LS9 (2 usually available) or Behringer X32.  Other details available on request.

Installed Distributed Speaker System

8 x Turbosound TSE 111 Mid Highs

4 x Turbosound TSE 118 Subs

5kW in total

Mobile PA systems of varying size are available for all areas of the Pavilion.  From a 200W speech PA to a full 15kW Martin Audio System.

Floor Monitors

30 available in total of varying type including 9 mirrored pairs.

Plenty of amps to drive.

Bi/Tri amped Drum Fills also available as are Side Fills of various size.


Weymouh Pavilion has a stock of approximately 50 industry standard microphones (Shure, Sennhesier, AKG, Rode etc) and plenty of Active and Passive DI Boxes.

We have a quantity of mic stands and please don’t ask me to count all the mic cables!

Radio Systems

Multiple Sennhesier systems are available  - Handheld, Headset and Lavalier mics.


We currently have 6 intercom stations installed which comprise of a wired belt pack and headset.

They are situated:

Prompt Corner (DSL)

Fly Floor (DSR at Fly Rail Level)

2 at FOH Control Position

2 at the Follow Spots

Prompt Corner

We have a small fixed table sited DSL with TV monitor (no infrared) and a Backstage Calls Mic.

The show relay requires a feed from the FOH sound desk and there are no cue lights.


The laundry room is located sub-stage.  Visiting companies are welcome to use this facility but must provide own detergent, softener etc.

This comprises:

1 x Washing Machine

1 x Condenser Dryer

1 x Iron and Board

5 x Mobile Costume Rails